UCCCloud is a cloud based enterprise collaboration service that is completely software based, offering multi-point, HD video and web

collaboration.  Each participant can dial in using any device, including traditional H.323/SIP videoconferencing systems, computers

running our UCCCloud client software or via a web browser.


Our platform supports :



Concurrent Full Screen & Windowed Sharing

Every participant can share their desktop while viewing any number of other desktops at the same time

Side Bar Discussion

Multiple side bar conversations can occur while the larger meeting is still going on. Side bar discussions are private, with the option to also listen-in to the on-going meeting.

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Local video servers can be deployed to keep video traffic local while working in tandem with our cloud server for authentication.

Multiple Camera Support

Allows a single computer with multiple video sources to be able to share all these sources at the same time. A total of 3 different sources can be shared.

Customizable User Viewing

Each user can choose from standard layouts or pop any individual video stream out in a separate window and display on an extended desktop. This creates a multi-screen video experience

Record and Save. Locally.

All meetings can be recorded and saved locally into your own computer for security. View the recorded video using our special viewer or convert it into any standard video format.



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